A bridal bouquet made to gracefully capture the lush vibrance of the late spring as it gently flows into early summer.

Glowing with a cloud of radiant color and sweet fragrance, this design includes waterlily, etched salmon peony, an array of ranunculus (which in the language of flowers means “You dazzle me!”).

The finest details come alive with delicate meadow grasses tapering gracefully, so fine and ethereal they play with the eye, playfully flitting in and out of view with every movement.

You can check another wish from your list, and confirm beauty and values go hand in hand. This design is pure sustainable, local flowers, grown in our own gardens at the farm with 100% organic materials. The term local flowers often extends to flowers from up to 150 miles away. This design can remain under 1.

Carefree, relaxed flow also defines this design. With intense interest in these hard to find features of airy, delicate transparency, we are excited to see so many brides requesting this look.

Feeling flushed with beauty after this eye candy?

We love to treat our friends to the best.

For those of you who are looking for more than a quick treat -dreaming of actually holding a custom creation inspired by this design, it’s easiest to shoot a quick text, phone call, or email that you have an interest by clicking here.

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