You’re in luck! A rare opportunity to win $500 in Gate Way Flora level floral designs for your wedding or special event!

If you are a fan of our designs, our values, and would love to feel more freedom in boldly expanding the flowers for your upcoming event, we made this sweet treat just for you.

The winner will receive a link to a private webpage on Gate Way Flora where $500 will be applied to whatever floral designs they may dream with us.

Are you a follower? The easiest way to enter is to simply tag someone you know in the comments, and gain an entry in our random selection to be announced February 15th (check out the giveaway page for a little hint on how to max out your entries!)

Every tag is another entry. The more entries, the more your name will appear in the random selection!

The fastest way to rack on the entries is to actually submit an inquiry for your event! Details of the how many entries are awarded to different inquiry options can be found here with our fresh stems and convenience design options providing more and more certainty of winning.

Actually completing a bespoke wedding date booking delivers a whole 35 entries! Simply inquiring for a bespoke event with us for your date and venue provides points, with more added on for opening your proposal, and the full 35 points awarded with a down payment.

Entries close midnight, February 14th. Details of the giveaway here.

Excited to send one of you the link to your winnings!

-and even more to the design that will follow!

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