Bespoke Event Design


A bespoke wedding with Gate Way Flora is gently, skillfully, and deeply immersed in your dreams -our most precious element.

Even if you give us boldly open creative license -like so many of our clients -you’ll quickly recognize, as our designs grow, you’ve given us your dream’s vital seed -as small as “Modern Romantic,” “Pure Bliss in White,” “Colorful,” so that your dream can flourish and burst with even the softest whisper of your special moment.

A bespoke wedding with Gate Way Flora reveals smiles of pleasant surprise, lasting satisfaction, as you discover all the details of a quality wedding florist

-Details we cultivate in our very own gardens and fields full of rare flowers

-Details we have learned from years of design alongside world class designers

-Details we have built through a strong web of professional contacts.

Beyond this foundation, you may appreciate our passion for organic design -making designs from pure life, that come from and return to the earth smoothly, with wellbeing for all life involved.

Fully organic design is a unique pursuit we hope more florists will follow in future years, but for now present ourselves as a rare service to offer such a complete, and comprehensive grasp of organic design, so deeply cherished, you can trust it comes as second nature.

If you are curious about our process, we schedule a phone, video call, or meeting for those in the Canton, Akron, or nearby area of northeast Ohio upfront, so that your dream can begin its journey of growth with us, because your time is valuable.

The minutes of our meeting quickly mature into a private, password protected page on our website where your inspiration photos, design plans, and schedule take form, and the fine details are prepared for your review.

Once your bespoke wedding package is formed, we offer the opportunity to make initial payment so you can book your selected date.

As our bespoke package is very rich in value, we ask a minimum spend of just $1700, with just half of that total required to book your date.

Once your date is booked, the details of your bespoke package can begin to unfold with our experienced array of standards to support and enhance your unique dreams come true.

Parties and Events

Uniqueness and creativity are our strong points.

In addition, we have years of experience with professional communication, budget management, and group cooperation, with several truly unique parties, design for non-profit organizations, and charity functions. As you may quickly realize, our skillset in  sustainable design can strongly compliment the mission and values of many non-profit organizations, inspiring support and commitment from its patrons.

Above our minimum of $1000 spend for bespoke non-profit organization and corporate event design, we welcome inquiries. Below that spend, we do not offer bespoke services, but may accept inquires which allow more creative freedom.

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