Blooming Branches Pricelist

Prices are per stem. Bulk discount of 10% applies to item quanities over 50 stems

Unless otherwise noted, these are all lightly fragrant blooms.

Chinese Forsythia $1.20

Pink Forsythia $1.20

Hamamelis ‘Sunburst’ $2.10

Hamamelis ‘Jelena’ $2.10

Nanking Cherry $1.50

Manchurian Apricot $2.50

Silver Maple $1.90

Spirea ‘Snow Drift’ $0.90

Pink Viburnum $2.10 (highly fragrant)

Magnolia ‘North Star’ $1.75

Very likely to bloom from bud with pure white flowers. Very attractive, close branching habit.

Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ $1.75

Larger, more upright branches and buds with yellow cream blooms

Purple Leaved Peach $2.30

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