Evergreen / Winter Interests Wholesale Pricelist

This is a page made for my local florist clients to get an idea of the winter greenery I sell.

Please note that many of these are available as long branch around 3 ft in length on request. If length is not specified, I usually harvest in 1 ft lengths.

Juniper ‘Grey Owl’ Energetic texture in a green blue with light blue highlights. $7/lb, or $6/lb for orders over 10 lbs.

Boxwood ‘Vick Reeves.’ $9lb. Small, dark green leaves. Maximum 1 ft lengths. SOLD OUT

Norway Spruce Long, draping form available in especially long branches up to 6 ft for draping over doorways, etc. $5/lb

White Pine Long needles which are surprisingly popular with customers. $4/lb

Cedar The real deal but grown here in Ohio. Wonderful scent and long, sweeping form. $6/lb or $80 for 20lbs

Dark Green Cedar (Chamaecyparis) One of my personal favorites because of the intense texture. Long, slender stems very useful for tall, upright arrangements and add an entirely new level of distinction to wreaths. $7/lb

Austrian Spruce Soft, with a “sheen” of blue -the blue actually shows up depending on the light and where you stand -like iridescence. $4/lb

White Spruce A tight, light yellow green fine texture. $2/lb. Estimated 10 lbs available.

Arbor Vitae Airy branches, but well defined form. $4/lb

Variegated Cedar Form and green color of cedar with eye-catching, festive gold flecking. $6/lb

Blue Cedar A blue green, fan form resembling waves of water of or ice crystals on a window. $5/lb or $80 for 20lbs. This one is an excellent mediator color which shows up more blue when paired with more intense green.

Vivid Blue Cedar Very similar to blue cdedar but more instense color. $5/lb

Euonymous fortunei Variegated and green, small and large forms. A very hardy, long lasting, local alternatives to the shop worhorses like salal and huck -while showing a much refined disinction in design taste. $6/lb

Wildcrafted Rose Hips Delicate sprays of shiny rose hips in a range of colors. The season begins in late August with the vibrant green fruits, continuing through fall as the berries blush purple green, orange green, until October as the spectrum of intense orange, crimson, scarlet, burgundy red bleeds through in all its glory. Just like the colors, there is a range of size and stem length from 3 ft to a few inches -the perfect fit for any project.

A major drawback to these gems of the field are their biting thorns. As the stems are often too delicate to sustain shearing the stems -as with cabbage roses – the thorn are all removed by hand. What you will recieve will be clean and smooth.

Single bundles

6 inch and under $5 per 25 stems

6-12 inches $5 per 10 stems

12-18 inches $9 per 10 stems

18 inch and over $12 per 10 stems

Bulk purchase of 20 in any size or mix gets 10% discount.


Peppercress $6 per 10 stems

Immature (Purple) Plume Grass $9 per 10 stems

Dried/ Fluffy Plume $80 per 100 stems or $10 per 10 stems

Miscanthus Plumes $6 per 10 stems

Strawflower flowers removed from stems to be glued or wired. $5 per 10 dried blooms.

Dried allium flowers 3 ft stems $9 per 10 stems

Japanese Bittersweet

Early Season (Late August) the berries are green. If dried, these green spheres will pop open with a yellow to orange berry depending on how late in August they are harvested.

By mid September, the berries are turning shades of gold and open with red

Vines can come up to 10 ft long. I strive to enliven these with the berries tightly shut, as they become delicate once open. Keeping them in high humidity (not moist) and cool (below 50 F) keeps them from opening. Just an hour or two in the warm is often enough to open them. Price is $1.20 per foot.

Wreaths are bittersweet overlaid on a grapevine base. Completely natural and free of any metals, glues or string. I am careful to deliver these with the berries shut. Care to keep the berries from opening until clients bring them home ensures the most full look. Price is $35 each or $30 for minimum order of 5 wreaths.

Spheres are grapevine with internal bittersweet. The outer shell protects the bittersweet, so care to berries shut is unnecessary. Full size are $43 each. Mediums $30 each. Small are 15 each.

Grapevine is an excellent base material and an even better -invaluable base material when skillfully formed.

Wreaths in a minimum order of 5 are $18 each. No attachments, glues, or metal, just skillful, artful, complex wrapping. Pure grapevine.

Spheres can be filled with evergreens and deciduous holly in winter. Large are $30. Medium $20. Small $10.

Evergreen Wreath Bases are skillfully made with only grapevine and choice of evergreen, and are rock solid. No sagging on the bottom exposing mechanics as the common wire wrap technique often shows. The stay upright and perky permanently. Embellishments can be slid in on bamboo skewers or wired in to suit design.

Deep green mixed base with light embellishments

White pine base 10 inches $15. 20 inches for $25

Juniper or blue mix 10 inch for $10. 20 inch for $20

Deep greens mix 10 inch for $12. 20 inch for $23

Pine Cones are white or Norway cones wrapped in grapevine and bittersweet vine (bittersweet is necessary for the fine look while being strong enough to hold tight) 20 inch for $20

Pine cone base with cedar embellishments

Please inquire for custom bases made with other greenery or larger size.

Bulk purchase of 10 bases (mix allowed) receives 10 percent discount.

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