Gate Way Giveaway

Your Chance to Win $500 in Designs from Gate Way Flora

Winner Announced February 15, 2023

Entry Details

All entrants must be followers of Gate Way Flora Instagram or Facebook at time of entry count, February 14 2023.

Each “entry” will be another slip of paper in a bowl from which the selection will be randomly pulled.

While destination weddings and events are not out of the question, we generally provide designs within the Canton-Akron-Cleveland area, or northeast Ohio, extending as far as Pittsburgh, PA to the east.

Instagram and Facebook Tags

Instagram or Facebook users may tag another user in the comments under the giveaway post either on Instagram or Facebook -assumedly tagging someone interested in the giveaway.

Each tag is 1 entry.

It is fully acceptable for an entrant to network with other users who all tag -for instance -a bride to increase her chances of winning the prize through someone else in her network. Just remember all tags must be made by followers of Gate Way Flora to count.

Opening Proposals

The second method for entry is opening a proposal for an actual event.

The first tier of proposal is submitting and making a down payment for fresh stems. Your proposal must include a date, and amount of stems you are purchasing. The minimum purchase is $50, for which 50 percent is required for booking, and to be awarded entries. This provides you with 5 entries.

The second tier of proposal is a convenience design. No minimum purchase is required for a convenience design other than the minimum quote of whatever piece you request. A down payment of 50 percent of whatever you choose will grant you 10 entries.

The highest tier proposal is for a bespoke event or wedding with Gate Way Flora. Simply submitting an inquiry -complete with date and venue selection -for a bespoke wedding awards you 5 entries. Once you have completed a phone call with us, we will open a private, password protected webpage hosted on our site, with proposed details of your event (your “proposal”). Opening a bespoke proposal will grant you an additional 10 entries. A down payment for your bespoke event will grant you an additional 20 entries -for a total of 35 entries if you complete a bespoke proposal within the giveaway timeframe.

Dividing a bespoke event into multiple events -such as a wedding divided into proposal dinner and rehearsal dinner -even dividing ceremony and reception into separate events, is acceptable, and will be awarded respective entries so long as each event individually meets our minimum for bespoke events.


Sunday, January 29th

Giveaway opens for entries

Tuesday, February 14th Entries close at midnight

Wednesday, February 15th

Winner is Announced

Winner will be sent their winnings link via DM or email of whatever platform(s) they have entered through.

Terms of use

The winner will receive a link to a password protected page here on Gate Way Flora’s website. From there, they may build a proposal with us for utilizing their $500 in designs.

The funds must be utilized in 1 event -the definition of which we reserve the right to define.

The funds will expire if not not allocated to a booking before February 15, 2024. Booking within that timeframe an event 1 or more years out, effectively using the $500 within that timeframe, is fully acceptable.

Winnings may not be applied to currently booked events or weddings.

Once booked, the winnings will be governed by the terms of our standard service contract.

Winnings may only be awarded via purchase of design equivalents, and otherwise have no cash value.

In the highly unlikely scenario where a winner is not satisfied with available options for utilizing their winnings (destination would incur too many fees in shipping and travel, etc.) We reserve the right to define and offer settlement, and terminate these terms upon refusal.

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