Mother’s Day Flowers from Simon Organics

It has been a pleasure over the years providing a growing array of highest quality flowers for you on one of the most vital holidays of the year. Again, we hope you look forward to making the day something special, to satisfy your and your customer’s craving for real quality, variety, vital freshness, and beauty that truly conveys your skill and taste in style as a florist.

Below is our expected availability for Mother’s Day, May 14. Our main route will be Tuesday, May 9 to give you time to chill and prep these blooms. For delivery other than May 9, please makes sure your order total is over $100.

If you would like to ethically steal more flowers for yourself: plan on 10% discount as a reward for your order of $500 or more.

Please note that SOLD OUT is not absolute. It’s tentative to ensure orders placed are filled. If you really want something that is sold out, please let me know the quantity you would like, and I will put you on the list in case production is higher than expected.

“Grower’s Choice” is our selection of the best stems -made with your unique preferences in mind we have learned over time. This is an excellent way to ensure the highest quality at the best price.


Fully double, or single -like delicate poppies. May include pink, red, orange, deep and light purple, yellow/gold and white. Mix will likely not include Salmon/Peach.

We expect ~200 peach, 300 pink, 300 white, 70 red, 100 yellow, 100 purple 400 orange, 50 ‘cafe.’

Mixed colors
$55.00/50 stems

Requested Colors
Mostly double, some singles.

  • Pink $15.00/10 stems
  • Red $12.00/10 stems
  • White $12.00/10 stems
  • Peach/Salmon $20.00/10 stems
  • Hot Pink $12.00/10 stems
  • Café $14.00/10 stems
  • Yellow$12.00/10 stems
  • Purple $14.00/10 stems
  • Orange $15.00/10 stems


Preorder unavailable this year.

Mostly double varieties intended to take the place of -and provide a very affordable alternative to -peony.

Ultimate Grower’s Choice Package

500 stems selected by the grower with the client’s taste in mind. Double, parrot, and single. We can provide the full 500 stems over as much as a 3 week period.


Double Tulips

Bulk Grower’s Choice Double
Purple, Pink and Blush
$198.00 per 100


Requested Double Colors $20.00 /10 stems all colors.

-Blush Pink

-Tropical Pink


-Light Purple

-Dark Purple

-Deep Burgundy (Limited)

-White (Limited)


Bulk Grower’s Choice Single

Orange, Lavendar, Apricot pink $50/50 $90/100

Requested Colors –

$12 per 10 stems,


$100/100 all colors.


-Orange with gold highlights

-Light Lavendar (Limited)

-Black Parrot $14.00/10, $60/50


Lilac/Lavendar, blue, pink, white, deep purple, magenta. Request colors if preference.

1-2 ft $12.00/10 stems

8-12 inches $9.00/10 stems

4-8 inches $6.00/10 stems

French Double
1-2 ft stems. Some of the finest fragrance, and many luxurious forms in white, pink, lavendar/lilac.
$19.00/10 stems (request colors if preference)

12-18 inches of long, near the stem flowers in a long, branched spike. Vibrant purple.
$9.00/10 stems


Double Exotic
10-18 inch stems. Two to three rows of rounded or tapered petals with colored edges, or solid color. rich wine colors, to black, to vibrant green. Harvested firm. Very long lasting.
$16.00/10 stems (request colors if preference) $140.00/100 stems (mixed colors) May not have a full 100 but open yo giving the bulk discount if whole crop is requested.

Single Blush
12-18 inch stems with delicate pinpoints and blush of purple pink over a gray-cast army green background. Harvested firm. Very long lasting.

$14.00/10 stems $120.00/100 stems

Sold Out

Single Green/White 12-18 inch stems with clear green petals. Harvested firm. Very long lasting.

$14.00/10 stems $120.00/100 stems

Sold Out


Cherry Foliage
Coppery red, shiny leaves studding 1-2 ft straight, sometime slightly curved or barnched stems

$5.00/10 stems
$23/50 stems

Spikes of large, smooth, bright green seed pods a delight for design. May have pale, yellow to white dried form by request.

$4.50/10 stems $34.00/50 stems

delicate, small clouds of seeds on long spikes. Coppery touches to green. May have pale, yellow to white dried form by request.

$4.50/10 stems $34.00/50 stems

Limited. Purple. Request to claim possible harvest
$6.00/10 stems 1-2 ft.

Fresh and firm, we always get compliments on the phenomenol quality of our fresh bupleurum.

$8/10 stems $36.00/50 stems

Soft lavendar, blush and violet. Fragrant, upright, and long lasting. Long, straight stems with playful curves in the blooming tips. An excellent stand-in for stock

$8.00/10 stems $36.00/50 stems

$50/100 stems

Fern Seed Fronds
Dried fern-like fronds that are actually the spore-producing portion of the fern. Adds a woodsy, note to any design.

$8.00/10 stems
$34.00/50 stems

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