Fresh Stems

The highest quality flowers glisten with dew, breath ethereal fragrance, and glow with vitality. Gate Way Flora works closely with horticulturists, and has gardens of its own, providing rare access to the highest quality, sought after blooms, so that you can confidently purchase buckets of fresh stems for your own event design.

Fresh foliage ready for pickup and design

A $50 minimum spend is all we require for bulk flower stems. There is no maximum limit other than our artisan quantities of production. We do take requests for color, and variety, and often can advise additions our clients find a delightful surprise.

Price per stems varies depending on variety, color, etc, so please contact us so we can give you an accurate quote for your event.

We grow a large array of fresh greenery to adorn charcuterie and grazing tables.

Although in almost any season we can provide some kind of flowers -even dried flowers, blooming branches, or evergreens in the coldest seasons of January -we offer a seasonally appropriate selection

Fresh, double tulips from an early morning harvest near Mother’s Day
  • Dahlias available in quantity from September through early November
  • Tulips from April through May
  • Lilacs from April through early May
  • Peony from late May through June to July
  • Zinnias from late June
  • Sunflowers from June through September
  • And many more per our suggestion to match your palette or theme
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